First Fridays

Ask any Binghamton University student about all the different places to go in Binghamton, and a “motley” of responses will come up. “I really like Tom & Marty’s but it’s kind of small” or “JT’s is cool, especially friday nights because where else do you get five dollar fish bowls? NO WHERE”, “Paradigm, have you seen that old woman bend!?” and the classic “PASQUALES!”.


In general this is the extent of knowledge that the average Binghamton Student possesses, at least the freshmen, when it comes to the city of Binghamton (ask them to write a five-ten page paper and they can do it in a night, but ask them about the city of Binghamton and you’ll get as informative of a response as asking Charlie Sheen why he is bi-winning). Held within a few block radius of state street, is the entire purpose of a city, to serve alcohol to people, unless of course they are underage **ahem**. It may come as a surprise but perhaps to the non partying type or even the late night armchair connoisseurs, there is hope in the form of First Friday.

What is First Friday one might ask?

Well, it is an art walk, ran by the Gorgeous Washington Street Association, between the hours of 6 and 9 when art galleries throughout Binghamton are open to those who want to peruse the collections.

Where does this take place?

It takes place throughout Binghamton; including State Street, Washington, Court, Chenango, Gaines, Front, Lewis, Main, Prospect, Riverside, and various others locations throughout downtown Binghamton.

I am interested, how do I get there?

As many Binghamton Students know there are a number of busses that go downtown. The Westside bus stops at the Downtown Center which is near State Street,  the DCR goes into Downtown Binghamton,  and the ones that go to the westside are, Westside and Leroy.

Also during the warmer months in Binghamton there’s a “free trolley along the First Friday route that you can hop on or off as you wish, as well as historic city tour while on the trolley.”

*Pro Tip* download the schedule online, or get the app “University Nightlife”, it includes the full bus schedule and various cab numbers in case you’re too cool for the plebeian lifestyle of taking the bus.

 —Fair warning, cabs are at least four dollars, each way and they will want a full cab—

What else goes on?

 Glad you asked. The people who attend First Friday get to partake in the general gallery hopping and art openings. As well multiple music and theater shows that go on.

 For those with fancier tastes there are even fine dining establishments, cafes, various forms of  entertainment and merchant’s special events

What do people think of it?

While many people assume that the only way to have fun in Binghamton is to drink yourself into oblivion, a number of Binghamton students actually go to First Friday. One Binghamton University student described First Friday as a “rare treat, that is very worth the hassle of getting ready earlier in the day”. She even recommended it to the people who enjoy late night debauchery, because “you are already downtown and don’t have to fight your way on to the bus”. So go for some Art, and then maybe go bowling because thats what people do right?

Another Binghamton student, a junior in the School of Management, pointed out that “culture can be found anywhere, even here” he went on further to explain how, like many older students he “just got tired of drinking every weekend, and that going out to appreciate art and the city itself helped to mature [himself], plus otherwise I would just sit at my apartment when I don’t want to drink, this gives an alternative”.


What can I expect to see when I am at First Friday

Just  look at the pretty pictures


 I want to go! Where do I find out what specifically goes on for a specific First Friday?

 Simple! Just go to

There are new specific events that take place each month. Bookmark the link and and keep up on all the happening for First Friday

Congratulations! You now have no excuse to only see Binghamton as an alcohol dispensary!


Now that you have finished reading this; don’t go on 4chan, reddit, or facebook, just do something productive or go outside. In other words;