The Niches Explained

Taking an evolutionary perspective on the development of the Seminary Valley neighborhood, we want to develop five business ‘niches.’ These niches are a synthesis of student’s idea submissions and the executive committee’s opinions, analysis, discussion with others, and professional training. Viewed from an evolutionary standpoint, these niches are currently unexploited.  In the opinion of the executive committee, these are the most likely businesses to thrive here.  We believe they can thrive because through mutual beneficial business relationships.

There are 3500 students in a half mile radius in the Seminary Valley neighborhood, so student oriented business would potentially thrive in this area.

NICHE 1) Small neighborhood grocery/food co-op

Based on a survey done in the area by the Binghamton Neighborhood Project, there is a clear need for some form of market in the area.

NICHE 2) Study Space

There is no study location in the Seminary Avenue area.  Students would take advantage of a late night study space with coffee and snacks offered.

NICHE 3) Fitness

A fitness space would be in prime use in a student populated area.

NICHE 4) Cultural Meeting-space Restaurant

A restaurant that incorporates the food and customs of different cultures would be a nice addition to the area.

NICHE 5) Makerspace, Art Space, retail art/maker output and art/maker supply store

Students with an interest in art would benefit from a space like this where they can go and work on their own projects.