Launchpad Binghamton began as just the executive committee, but the desire was to get more of the Binghamton University community involved in this project by a series of events.  So far, there have been two important events and next semester we hope to continue getting more students involved with Launchpad.

Initial Brainstorming event- Entrepreneurial Rush

Binghamton’s students were invited to come and share their business ideas with the executive board. Everyone’s ideas were heard; the best ideas and most enthusiastic personalities were noted.  The students came from all academic backgrounds; this event was not limited to business students.


photo 1


David Sloan Wilson opens the event with a brief introduction.

photo 4


Students presenting their business ideas to the group.

photo 3 photo 2


Students brainstorming ideas with each other.


Follow up event

The students who the executive board felt were the best fits were invited to meet us in the tree street district where the businesses would be opened. The students would be able to walk around the neighborhood and see the properties where the businesses could potentially be located. The object of this event was to describe the five niches of the area to the students to help them hone in on a business concept that is best for them.


A finalized business concept was required before the start of 2014.
As the students return to Binghamton for the spring semester of 2014, they will be required to show the executive committee a first draft of their business plan.