The Tuscarora Indian tribe

In the early eighteenth century the Tuscarora Native American peoples became known as the sixth tribe comprised of the “Iroquois Confederacy.” The Tuscarora Indians became of the sixth Iroquois nation.

The Binghamton landscape of 1720 was comprised of territory to the Tuscarora Indian peoples of the long house(Grumet).

Each longhouse can hold about 60 people inside.

Reconstruction of an Iroquois Longhouse




Longhouse Near Victor ,NY



Surrounding places such as Shamokin, became multicultural centers as “the Nanicoke, Tuscarora and Saponi immigrants” found either distinct communities or migrated to territories of their own with vast town facilities(Grumet, 428).


Special thanks to Collections center at Binghamton University and Leigh Eckmair

The Tuscarora Indians were known as a heavily populated tribe; two of their villages settled above and below Ouaquaga land. Numerous villages of the Tuscarora people were “with Oneida’s in Madison and Oneida counties.”