The Seneca Tribe



The wampum belt symbol of the Seneca tribe represented the “keepers of the western door”. The Seneca tribe were known as people of the  big hill. The Seneca Indians today only tribe to own a U.S. city.  In 1660 there were approximately 5000 Seneca Native Americans. Today the Seneca population has doubled with approx. 10,000 in total.

There were numerous treaties that involved land the Seneca tribes participated in. In 1794 a treaty kept peace between the United Sates and many Native Americans with land negotiations. The Saint Mary’s treaty of 1818 negotiated ownership to the title of acquisitions of new land.

Red Jacket a respected Seneca Chief was known to have a good long term memory, and effective speaker who was a remarkable leader that represented the Seneca tribe.

Seneca Chief of Wolf Clan 18th century




Another leader of the Seneca tribe was Famer’s Brother. Farmer’s brother had connections with Red Jacket. He supported the United States of 1812. Showed commitment to fight for his tribe and to help support his allies. He also showed peace and attempted to prevent his tribe form entering into war.

Black Snake a Seneca War chief of the 18th century. He fought for the United States in the “Battle  of Oriskany 1777″ and also fought for the Europeans later.