The Onondaga Indian Tribe

The wampum belt symbol of the Onondaga tribe represented “keepers of the council fire”.

The Onondaga tribe had 14 sachems(Calloway,56). League sachems meet and even meet today at Onondaga territory near Syracuse N.Y. They also hold annual general assembly meetings(Calloway,57). In 1744, an Onondaga public speaker Canasatego strongly considered Onondaga Native Americans to follow the path “unity and amity” a friendly relationship, which was created by our “wise forefathers”. The core of the Iroquois League was at Onondaga(Calloway,).

Onondaga Indians commonly used wood and some were lacrosse stick makers. (Please see video from interactive map)

Hiawatha one of the members associated with the Onondaga tribe, was recognized coming up with the idea of creating the Iroquois Confederacy.

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