The Mohawk Indian Tribe


The wampum belt symbol of the Mohawk Native American tribe represented the “keepers of the Eastern Door.” Many Sixteenth century Native American artifacts were discovered at various archaeological sites such as, Mohawk Valley. Rumrill a dedicated amateur developed a “chronological framework” consisting of data collected form the Mohawk Valley area(Grumet,353).

According to “documentation on all known sixteenth century Mohawk Valley sites is recorded in the Mohawk Drainage Site Inventory” at SUNY Albany University(Grumet,359).

The word Mohawk is believed to be an Algonquian Indian translation meaning either “bear or man eating cannibal monster(Grumet,360).”Mohawks refer to themselves as “Kaniengehaga which means : people of the place of the flint.

Joseph Brant Mohawk Indian Chief 18th century