Welcome BU students to the Binghamton History: Then and Now page, your portal to Binghamton’s rich historical past!

This page is devoted to showcasing Binghamton’s interesting history to new Bing U students in order to give them a broader perspective and lead them to discover all that Binghamton has to offer.

Ever wonder how Binghamton came to be the way it is today?

This portion of the Binghamton Microcosm website is devoted to showcasing Binghamton’s historical development over the years, and how it came to be the Binghamton we know and love today.

This page will include images, videos, and links to important historical sources and the local organizations that work to promote and preserve these places of historic and cultural significance.

Check out What’s Goin’ On Binghamton’s cool video compilation of old postcard pictures of Binghamton transposed with pictures of Binghamton in 2013 below!

Video Link: What’s Goin’ On Binghamton- Now & Then