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Launchpad Binghamton creates the opportunity for motivated students with entrepreneurial ideas to launch their businesses in the Tree Street district of downtown Binghamton. We help students formulate business proposals, locate funding, find an ideal location, and get their business off the ground. Students in Launchpad get valuable life experience and contribute to the ongoing development of Binghamton’s economy, In the long run, we will create an integrated community of local student business owners.

Binghamton University is paving the way for a new generation of higher education, embracing the changes around us to create new approaches to learning. An integral part of this, laid out in the President’s Road Map Plan, focuses on experiential learning that engages the community around the school.

The Binghamton Microcosm embodies this approach, by teaching students about the community in which the school is located, and encouraging them to interact and understand the history. In addition to simply taking in information about the city though, it has birthed Launchpad, a program that allows for students to make a huge difference for the better in Binghamton.

Launchpad, part of the first class of projects to come out of the Binghamton Microcosm, emphasizes proactive  student involvment in Binghamton that benefits the student and the local area. Binghamton, as you can find out about in other parts of this site, has a history of relying on big corporation for economic stability. However, when these corporations that were so intergral to Binghamton’s well being picked up and left for financial reasons, it left the Binghamton area with a dysfunctional economy.

The University has been a key to keeping the area going- however, with the help of students, we can create an integrated, “urban village” that revives BInghamton and creates a healthy economy that involves both students and locals.




Get Involved

If you are a student interested in

1)      Starting a business through the Launchpad Program

2)      Working with an already existing Launchpad business

3)      Getting involved with the growth and expansion of Launchpad itself

please get in touch with us, and we would love to find a position for you.

Email with the tagline “Launchpad”, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.