Welcome to the Binghamton Microcosm, a website that connects BU students to the Binghamton area through student-initiated projects. If you are a BU student, then you can enrich your college experience by getting involved in one of our current projects or start your own project by taking the Binghamton Microcosm course (Univ 380B), as described in more detail below. If you are a Binghamton resident, then we welcome your involvement in our current and future projects.

How are Binghamton Microcosm students connecting with the Binghamton area?

• By creating a launch pad for student-run businesses.
• By getting involved in the local political process.
• By publicizing cool places to visit that most BU students don’t know about.
• By learning about Binghamton’s rich local history.
• By getting involved in public art projects.
• By helping to improve the quality of life in the Binghamton area.

Browse our website to learn more about these projects, which include contact information if you want to get involved.